Build interactive app prototypes in Google Slides.

With Wirephramer + Google Slides anyone can build software prototypes in minutes

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Accessible for non-designers

Instead of learning to use new software that was built for designers, with Google Slides anyone with a Gmail account can start building interactive prototypes of their ideas right away.

Save Time

Prototype & test your ideas in record-time

With our growing library of UI elements, you can drag, drop and link elements to turn your software ideas into tangible prototypes that you can test on many devices using the Google Slides App.


Share & collaborate on software ideas

With Google Slides’ built in collaboration features, you can work together with your team in real-time from a single file and have your prototype synced across all devices.

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Drag & Drop what you need from the continuously updated Wirephramer library into your Google Slides documents. Save a ton of time and upgrade your team's workflow today.

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Wirephramer is an online library of design resources (icons & UI elements) that you can drag & drop into your Google Slides document, to construct an app prototype fast.
Yes absolutely. The design files are compatible with all design and presentation software. We focus on Google Slides because it's free, anyone can access it from any device and allows you to collaborate with coworkers in real-time.
With Wirephramer + Google Slides, you can create interactive prototypes that your team or potential customers can click through, lightening fast. If you want to collaborate with team members, you can invite them into your document and allow them to contribute to the prototype in real-time. You don't have to install or learn new software. Anyone with a Gmail account can hop right in and get started.
Hi, I'm Karim. I've solo-built this as a sideproject. I've been designing for small startups and fortune 500 companies for the last 10 years. I wanted to give the team members I collaborate with an easy way to share their ideas with me, instead of sketching it out on paper and sending me photos of their thoughts.